Senior Scientist / Applications Chemist – Analytical Instrumentation


Our client is a unique startup with several commercial instruments in the field of high-end molecular spectroscopy. They are seeking an Applications Scientist to provide technical expertise, strategic guidance, and customer support for their unique instruments. Application areas of interest include quality testing and process monitoring for pharmaceutical manufacturing, consumer products, natural products, food/beverages, and flavors/fragrances. This hire will be involved in new applications development, customer demonstrations, product training, and field support. Applicants should have a minimum of 2 years of industry experience using Chromatographic and Spectroscopic tools and software. Salary will be competitive and may include equity!


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Reference#: VRS1804

Keywords: NMR, isomers, natural products, separation, molecular rotational resonance spectroscopy, marketing, applications, customer, Scientist, mass spectrometry, mass spec, MRR, EPR, small molecules, gas phase, VOC, product management, sales, analytical, pharmaceutical manufacturing, food, consumer products, quality testing, process analysis, PAT, online monitoring, QC, QA, pharma, biopharma, gas chromatography, GC, LC, LC/MS, liquid chromatography, spectroscopy, FSE, service, Field Application Scientist, FAS, customer support, customer facing