What does VRS do?

VRS offers recruitment solutions for scientists, by scientists; we are a third-party recruitment firm specialized in staffing for chemistry, life science, and engineering related positions. Our clients employ us to source potential candidates for their job openings – we have over two decades of familiarity within industry and have created a widespread network of clients and candidates.

What is the history of VRS?

From its humble beginnings in 2001 above a traditional fish ‘n’ chip shop in Manchester, England, VRS has grown to include 4 international offices (Beverly, MA, Manchester, England, Glasgow, Scotland, and Paris, France) with over 20 dedicated scientific recruiters. The two original founders of the business, David Jones (PhD) and John Sherratt, each brought their own technical expertise in Analytical Chemistry and Talent Acquisition respectively, which formed the foundation for the success of the business. VRS US was founded in 2011 by Evan Bernier (PhD) and has established itself as the partner of choice for scientific roles in North America.

What distinguishes VRS from other recruitment agencies?

At VRS, we offer a uniquely high level of technical expertise to our recruitment approach. Our recruiters are scientifically trained (from B.S., M.S., to PhD level) and are therefore able to understand the inner workings of jobs and fields we are recruiting for on a conceptual basis. We match our candidates with jobs that are in specific alignment with their skillset.

What types of clients does VRS work with?

Our clients include a range of companies from start-ups to Fortune 500 businesses, from instrument vendors to service providers to biotech and pharma companies, and from US-based and family-owned establishments to international companies.

What are the benefits of working with VRS as a candidate?

Working with a recruiter offers a variety of benefits to your job search and interview process:

  • Our services are completely free to you
  • We help you with your application materials and submit your materials directly to the hiring teams
  • We help to prepare and train you for interviews
  • We share details about unposted job opportunities that you would be unable to find elsewhere due to our established network in the industry
  • We speak directly with hiring managers about new roles and are able to provide more detailed information than what you will find in a job description
  • We have established communication and trust with our clients and serve as a liaison
  • We can negotiate on your behalf at the offer stage
  • We share the same goal as you: to find a job for you that will meet your interest and skillset!

What types and levels of job openings does VRS work on?

Almost all of the positions available through VRS are permanent, full-time positions. However, we do have occasional contract or part-time opportunities. We work on roles that range in focus and seniority including entry-level lab technician roles, field service engineer opportunities, R&D and applications scientist positions, commercial roles in scientific sales / marketing and business development, and upper-level management or director openings.

Does VRS have jobs outside of the US?

While VRS US focuses on roles in the US and Canada, we have branches in the UK and France who cover the UK and Mainland Europe. All of the recruiters at VRS US are based in the US, and we have recruiters working in both East coast and West coast time zones.

How do I become involved with VRS and start the process?

There are a few options for how to get involved with VRS! For any of the potential avenues, please have a copy of your resume including contact details ready to provide.

  • Visit our website and use the “Submit Your Resume” button
  • Browse through our job opportunity listings on the VRS website – if you find a posting that fits your interest and qualifications, you can apply at the link
  • Sign up for our monthly job update on the VRS website
  • Reach out to one of our recruiters on LinkedIn
  • Call the main office on (+1) 978.998.4465

We look forward to hearing from you!

When I submit my resume, do you share it with anyone else?

Resumes sent to our recruiters at VRS are never shared with external parties without your explicit permission – we protect your privacy when handling your information. When you submit your resume to us, we may add you to our confidential and exclusive database and share your resume internally so other VRS recruiters working on the most relevant positions for your skillset can contact you. We discuss potential job opportunities with you in detail and ask for permission before sending your resume to any hiring teams.,/p>

Is there a service fee? How is VRS paid?  

There is no service fee to work with VRS as a candidate. We are financially compensated by our clients. If you accept a job offer through VRS, you are not hired by us or placed on our payroll, those are external processes that our dealt with by our clients (your potential employers).

What does the process of working with recruiters at VRS look like?

In general, the process of working with us at VRS follows the timeline outlined below – the specifics of the process vary on a case-by-case basis.

  • Once you submit your resume, we will review the information and determine whether or not we can assist you – please note that we do not guarantee that we will be able to help you with your job search.
  • If your background is relevant to the specialized field that we work in, we will add your resume to our confidential database and share it with each of our VRS recruiters that are working on appropriate positions.
  • One of our recruiters will reach out to you for an initial phone call (generally no longer than 15 minutes) to discuss your background and the details of your job search. We may share specifics about current job opportunities at this time. Alternatively, we may wait to share job details so that we can consult with other recruiters about their roles and determine if they are a good match for you.
  • If you don’t hear from us immediately, it is because we don’t have any roles that are a fit at that time – this does not mean we will not reach out in the future, as we will continue to keep you in consideration for new opportunities that come in!

Do I need to apply to job postings with your clients directly? What happens if I have already applied to a company directly or through another recruitment agency?

No, please do not submit applications directly on company websites for the positions we have shared with you. If you are interested in applying for a job, we submit the application for you directly to the hiring team for feedback. If you apply directly, it may prevent us from being able to assist you throughout the interview process.

Can I submit my resume for multiple job postings on the VRS website?

Yes, we will consider your background broadly for all relevant opportunities.

If I need visa sponsorship / immigration assistance, can VRS help?

Some of our clients may be able to help with visa sponsorship or immigration assistance. Please include details about your work authorization status when we speak with you.

Are all of the opportunities at VRS posted on the website?

No, we frequently have information about jobs that are not officially posted. This is one of the advantages of connecting with our recruiters directly, as our established network helps us stay informed about unofficial positions that have not gone “live” yet.

Does VRS accept candidate referrals?

Yes, please feel free to share referrals with our recruiters. If we successfully place a referred candidate into a new position, we will send you a $500 gift card!